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Zinc excess kills bacteria by blocking manganese transporter.[1]

Depletes copper which can cause gray hair.

Also competes with iron in cells which is helpful in iron overload [2].

Zinc seems to upregulate hepcidin in cells [3]

Relation to ADHD and hypothyroidism [4].

Zinc may help the body fight parasitic worms [5].

Zinc may treat depression or cause it if you do not have it. This is because zinc effects glutamate and gaba and also serotonin and dopamine [6]. So if you have high serotonin it might lower it and if it is low it might raise it. Zinc inhibits nmda receptor reducing excitatory neurotransmission [7].

Zinc upregulates the cysteine rich protien metallothionein so need to have high quality protien in the diet [8]. Iron also increases it [9].

Zinc has broad effects on receptors and channels [10].

Methionine and sulfate (sulfur) seems to benefit zinc [11].

Interaction with Iron

Deficiency symptoms

Poor immunity (cellular immunity?), depression, reduced sense of taste or smell (similar to coronavirus), hair loss, diarrhea, and chronic fatigue [21].

H pylori may deplete zinc [22].

Modern day zinc deficiency [23].

High Cholesterol and High blood sugar can be symptoms [24].

Low zinc may cause a vitamin a deficiency.


Do not take the picolinate form, it interferes with sleep [25] and may be toxic.

Can increase bleeding [26].

Can increase uric acid levels [27] at around 80mg per day [28]. Cranberry can potentially reduce this [29].

Can lower copper at around 60mg per day [30].

Zinc should be taken with cysteine or high protein foods since it is used to make high cysteine protiens. This is especially important for citrate form. Cysteine and protien seem to reduce headache from zinc excess.

May dilate blood vessels causing too much reduction in blood pressure (arms going numb at night) at 50mg a day.


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