A neglected panacea [1] [yarrow.txt] treats h pylori which could be a big part in how much good it does in addition to my opinion it works against strongyloides

Great for wound [2] [3] and strongyloides

Neanderthals ate yarrow and chamomile [4] probably for parasitic worms

Against nematodes in sheep [5]

Essential oil may fight chronic fatigue [6] and yarrow flower powder seemed to fight fatigue in me too.

Known to prevent hair loss [7] probably because its work on strongyloides

Fights polio virus lowers blood sugar [8]

Part of 9 christian herbs and used in cheesemaking cheese [9]

Duke chemical analysis [10]

Scientific review [11]

Balances clotting activating platelets and thinning congealed blood and blood clots [12]

One of the Navajo life medicines [13]

Antispasmodic for IBD IBS [14]

Effects LH [15] potentially balances it. According to that paper it attenuates testis inflammation which could be the root cause from anything from hair loss, gynecomastia, perhaps even insomnia. It has helped my insomnia significantly and I think at least part of that has been reducing cerebral edema, not sure if elevated LH increases cerebral edema. Cerebral edema is caused from micro stroke [16] so that is probably how it is helping my insomnia by balancing blood clotting. LH analogue produces stroke [17] so that is the connection.

Yarrow, black walnut, and wormwood for Leishmania [18]

Herbal activities against wound and mastitis like gynecomastia [19] Malva similar

Antiparasitic effects of the flavonoids in yarrow [20]

Yarrow and st johns wort effective against toxoplasma and HeLa [21] also licorice and others

Fights Blastocystis very common parasite along with garlic ginger oregano black seed tongkat ali and others [22]

Active principles including flavonoids [23]

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