Causes lymphatic filariasis or elephantitis or thick skin

Wolbachia makes the worms fertile [1] which bill gates is feeding mosquitoes and releasing them.

Wolbachia also might be implicated in iron overload hemochromatosis [2] [3]

Killing wolbachia probably helps kill the worms [4]

Causes urticarial skin rash [5]

Glossy swollen thick pitted skin and hydrocele [6] and Scrotum dermatitis [7]

Men thickening skin legs arms scrotum [8]

Stimulates IgE [9]

possibly epazote?

Hydrocele is chronic infection, IgE, worms live 5-10 years in humans but no other creature besides mosquito [10]

Causes massive dilation of lymphatic system and thus edema [11]. Collect in auxillary nodes in chest and shoulder. inguinal and obturator lymphatics in lower extremeties, in men in the lymphatics that drain the spermatic cord, epididymis, tunica vaginalis which is surrounding the testis.

In anterior chamber of the eyes [12]

I may have this I think I remember it was said this causes raised thick skin around area of the skin the worm is in. Noticed possible itchy sites especially on the arm I got vaccine in for work a decade ago after getting poison ivy (on the other arm) and a little hives. Poison ivy does stimulate IgE [13]

Parasites arizona [14] [15] [16] [17]


Depression brain fog anxiety insomnia [18]

High IgE low serpin (alpha 1 antitrypsin) return to normal after treatment [19]


Wild turmeric [20]

Seems like poison ivy may cause inflammation that stops the worm from evading the immune system.

Anti wolbachia herbs [21]

Betel leaf [22]

Ayurveda including turmeric and frankincence [23]

Various herbs [24]

Parasite paste [25] 2 [26] eggplant [27]

Essential oils and herbs [28] possible fenugreek which kills amoeba

Possible elecampane [29] [30] which kills amoeba too.

Recipe attempt

  1. Mugwort [31]
  2. Wormwood [32]
  3. Black walnut [33]
  4. Epazote [34]

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