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Garlic tumeric cinnamon [1].

Wound care experience [2] [3].

Most common bacteria in wounds usually staphylococcus is first followed by pseudomonas, proteus, e coli, corynebacterium [4]

Animal bites can include tetanus and rabies and Pasteurella multocida (gram negative), Eikenella corrodens (gram negative), Bacteroides [5]. Pasteurella in cat bites [6] [7]. More about animal bites [8]

Red skin with well defined border streptococcus [9]

Cellulitis is the typical swollen red around wound that you are worried will spread to other parts of the body and caused by deep wound from either staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Haemophilus, or vibrio and vibrio usually from brackish water exposure to wound [10]

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