World War 3

With ukraine, russia, and china, now kazakhstan [1] it looks like a world war by around 2024 is likely.

Ukraine not in nato so russian invasion will not invoke defense [2].

Kazakhstan getting aid from russia to quell an uprising [3] [4] [5] shows the world governments collude to prevent revolutions. The UN will likely come to US shores in event of the people casting off the government.

US and NATO rejected russias call to stop expansion [6]

Since US and NATO said they will continue to colonize and expand thier empire, hostile nations will use Afghanistan as a model and use proxy terror groups to kick them out like what is currently happening in Iraq attacking US embassy [7].

Russia says nuclear confrontation unavoidable [8]

China warns of full military conflict over taiwan [9]

US President brandon hyping war with russia using ukraine as an excuse that ukraine wants no part of [10]

Crimea a red line for russia and a nato state attacking would trigger ww3 [11]

Russia sees NATO as a modern day NAZI coalition [12]

East coast FAA cameras shut down as military moves [13]

Russia ukraine conflict keeps escalating with US saying crimea is ukraine and that ukraine can attack crimea, to which russia responded that it will be dommsday for ukraine military if they do it [14] [15]

China taiwan conflict continues escalating with US to send 100 million to taiwan to which china said they will take all measures to maintain soverenity [16]

Turkey becoming closer to Russia [17]

Middle east looking more grim with russia siding with Palestine more. I think it is good russia is doing this however it could signify instability in the middle east and Israel to come which could easily spark ww3. This change in russias tune might be due to Turkey advocating for palestine when meeting with russia.

Russia launches iran satellite [18], it really looks like ww3 will begin in the middle east starting with israel and palestine which will bring in iran and eventually russia. Im not sure how the us will get involved but it will probably be a proxy war like is now happening in ukraine. It will start popping off 2024 and by 2025 ww3 will be full blown. Will probably mostly end by 2031. America will get nuked around 2029.

8/17/22 Russia still warning of US actions leading to nuclear confrontation [19]

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