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 Make real wootz steel.  None of this folding crap damascus or just high carbon crucible steel brittle garbage.
Hi there.  I have been researching wootz off and on for a couple years now.  I am a mechanical engineer and herbalist/chemist so the alchemy involved really appeals to me.  Anyway let me give you my proposed method.  Hopefully within a month I will give this a go for the first time.  I'm sure there will be several kinks to work out.  However I'm sure there are several game changer's that I can bring to the table here including how to get carbon nanotubes.  I'm not a forger, so hopefully a relative of mine or an experienced wootz forger could forge my ignots once I get the method down and I verify them by cutting them and whatnot.

1. Crucible and charge

crucible: MgO-50g Monopotassium phosphate-40g Diatomaceous earth-30g- scale up recipe as needed.  Let sundry a few days no fire needed hopefully make walls relatively thick.  Doing this so no impurities imparted to melt and also magnesium oxide magnesia was used in wootz sometimes so it can only help if it leeches.  Crucible will be sealed and sundried again after materials added.


-250 g Iron metal powder 99.5%+.  
-33.5 grams native desert fibrous plant stems finely chopped In this case 1:1 desert broom stem and yucca leaves.  Desert broom yields 14.25% carbon and yucca leaves are 19% carbon.  Theoretically this will give 1.9% carbon but I am assuming my estimated moisture contents were on the low side.  This is the carbon source and as it burns it will eliminate oxygen in the crucible.   Any plant matter can do but to make patterns for the nano tubes/wires you will need fibrous material.
-10 mL concentrated water extraction from high poly-phenol desert leaves using white sage in distilled water.  This could be any plant high in polyphenols, using either whole leaf or extraction.  And that's it.  this will make carbon nano tubes according to this method:


~2 foot deep hole roughly 1 ft diameter.  ~1-2" steel pipe going into the bottom of the hole at an angle through the ground to provide air.  Hair dryer blowing in.  Hole filled with hardwood charcoal.


get the charcoal going and put sealed crucible in.  cover with more charcoal.  cover hole with a cap with a hole in it to increase efficiency.  Let go 3-4 hours adding more charcoal as needed tune this in future experiments. Bury hole.  Come back 2 days later as it is fully cooled.  Shatter crucible to recover ignot.

And thats it.  Since I have no desire to be a forger per-say that is where my protocol ends.

Let me know what you think.  Feel free to use this method but you can't patent it because I place it in the open domain.  This means you can even use this method to make and sell ignots.  I plan on selling these ignots on ebay under the name Desert Wootz if everything goes according to plan. 

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