Vitamin E

Natural d-alpha tocopherol acetate better than synthetic dl-alpha tovopheroo


Improves T cell function cellular immunity as well as reducing PMS symptoms and blood clots [1].

Vitamin E seems to lower IgE immune response reducing allergy.

Enhances immunity to listeria [2] and possibly others like campylobacter and salmonella.


I suspect fibromyalgia may be caused by listeria

I suspect hemochromatosis may be caused by generational listeria

Listeria sometimes found in Lupus [3]


May reduce iron absorption along with zinc and calcium reducing iron overload [4].


Selenium is well known enhancing effects in intracellular bacteria like listeria maybe by enhancing CD4. Biotin [5] might be another synergy as well as pantothenic acid [6] which seems to raise th17 while not creating excess inflammation [7]. Also possibly pyridoxine [8]. Biotin seems important to modulate cd4 cells [9]. B6 significantly raises cd4 count [10]. Folic acid also improves cd4 [11]. Homocysteine seems to have similar role to biotin deficiency in modulating cd4 towards more inflammatory th17


Upper limit is 1000mg but 1000iu is a good high dosage to take daily.

Retinoids increase need for vitamin e [12].


1000iu amazon


Seems to enhance some types of bacteria. After starting to take it I got ear acne and prostate pain as well as a stiff neck. However this may be from the body fighting hidden listeria infection meningitis due to enhanced immunity.

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