Vitamin D

Like garlic, vitamin d is essential for immunity against mycoplasma bacteria.

Also vitamin d improves the bodies abiljty to fight h pylori. This and mycobacterium makes vitamin D the most effective way to treat heart palpitations.

Tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and autoimmunity in general results from low vitamin d [1].

Vitamin D deficiency linked to schizophrenia [2].

Overview of antimicrobial effects of vitamin d [3].

Vitamin D seems to lower IgE immune response lowering allergy.


Vitamin D chelates Lead [4] [5] and probably iron too which is important in iron overload and hemochromatosis. This heavy metal burden can cause back pain due to kidney effects so potassium can be taken and or cranberry.


10,000 IU per day is maximum always safe daily dose. Adding vitamin k and vitamin a are important to ward off side effects of vitamin d. Also drink lots of water to prevent lower back pain from kidney issues. 10,000 IU can be gained from sunbathing as well.

The human body can produce 10,000-20,000IU from 30 mins of noon sun exposure per day [6] [7]. Midday sun is actually safer than afternoon sun due to UVA/UVB ratio being lower at noon [8]. UVB causes vit d production and UVA creates skin damage.


Nicotine [9]


Amazon 10,000iu

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