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Vaccines are commonly contaminated with microorganisms [1].

Study of coronavirus insoluble contaminants [2].

Covid-19 vaccine

Coronavirus vaccine uses gene therapy technology.

Reports of spolied covid-19 vaccines are rampant [3]. They make you think that they were not given to people and the only downside was less effectiveness, but in reality people did get vaccines from spoiled batches, and if any dangerous microorganisms were in the dose, they could have multiplied leading to serious complications and death of those injected.

It appears that vaccines can be infected with live bacteria of several types [4]. Some in that thread describe mania [5] which is caused by b cerus like this one [6]. Another reported sepsis [7] (possibly from s pneumoniae like this [8] or s agalactiae like this [9]). Another pink eye [10]. Another delirium [11] and [12]. Some high heart rate and other signs [13] some leading to death [14]. Other stroke [15]. Another heart attack [16].

Blood clots have been reported [17] possibly from this mycobacterium like this one [18] or likely Bacillus countered with garlic.

List of some (not 100%) of the live bacterial vaccines [19] that might be contaminating other vaccines . Risks of live vaccines [20].

Woman's side effects from the vaccine [21].

Males more likely to get side effects than females [22].

Side effects reported on facebook [23]

Severe headaches leading to braindead and death [24].

There is about a 3 month lag between high new vaccination rates and increasing covid cases. Mid april was a vaccination max [25] and september was a spike [26]. Some states saw a covid spike during the vaccination max as well [27].

Legitimate reasons for "vaccine hesitancy" and how red states can fight back [28]

Nobel prize winner who discovered AIDS says these vaccines will have devastating long term side effects [29].

Spike protien syndrome [30].

Mechanism discovered for Delta antibody dependent enhancement [31].


Pfizer pushes for boosters [32].

Two FDA Witnesses

Marion Gruber and Dr. Philip Krause are the two witnesses against human experimentation [33].

Other diseases from vaccines

Guillan barre [34] likely from contamination of campylobacter or some other bacteria.

Symptoms/side effects [35]

  1. Severe 12 hour Sleep Paralysis [36]
  2. Blood clots / heart attack / stroke mostly with DNA viral vector vaccines J&J and AstraZenica [37] This sort of thing is usually Bacillus contamination and cleared with garlic. Heart attack in young men [38]
  3. Parkingsons symptoms for several days [39]
  4. Sleepiness and death during nap [40] Sleep Apnea? Somewhat related to brucella or another intracellular bacteria?
  5. Painful skin reaction [41]
  6. Legs giant blisters [42]
  7. Seizures and brain blood clots [43] the article also talks about rashes, skin peeling, fever, and chronic fatigue.
  8. Tinnitus, heart attack (85+), chest pain, deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) in women, anaphylaxis and appendicitis in younger people [44]
  9. Cancer and suppression of killer T-cells (CD8) as well as HIV (which suppresses helper T-cells CD4) [45].

Protection against vaccines

Interferon-B likely can help the body to reject foreign genetic material [46] [47] but attempting this is unsafe and untested, and depending on the dosage might make reaction to vaccines worse. It appears people taking interferon can get vaccines, but not live bacterial or live viral [48]. Contaminated vaccines could be a problem though.

Immunosuppressants will reduce immune reaction to foreign mRNA [49], which might be a good thing to prevent adverse effects, or bad by allowing the foreign mRNA into your cells.

Also RNAse will help degrade the foreign material.


IBM [50] Also israel has very high vaccination rates. Second jewish holocaust.

Declaring pro-trump insurgency terrorists [51].


Infant death linked to vaccine through breatmilk [52].

FDA Approved comirnaty vaccine not available in the us [53].

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