Produced by pyridoxine B6 [1]

Seems to help heart palpitations caused by either virus and/or iron overload

Deficiency in hemochromatosis [2]

Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia [3] also raises catalase and glutathione and superoxide dismutase.

High blood pressure, heart failure, and endotheial dysfunction [4]

May lower testosterone so in women supplementing with DHEA is a good idea

Eating chlorylphyl will help your body regenerate oxidized coq10 [5]

Deficiency might cause low body temperature and no "meat sweats"

Goes inside the cell like an ionophore to chelate intracellular arsenic [6] and probably lead too.

Prevents iron overload and improves blood sugar [7]

Detoxes hydrogen sulfide in conjunction with SQR [8]

Exercise improves production [9]

Chlorophyll improves regeneration [10]

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