8/8/22 raid

FBI raided mar-a-lago [1] in a practice attempt at arresting him. This has never happened before in the entire 300 year history of America. This begins the full split of american society where the government sets themselves in an untenable position fully in opposition to the american people. They know they can't win 2024 via election rigging since all their methods have been exposed, so they intend to jail him to prevent him from running.

Christina Bobb from OANN is trump lawyer [2]

DeSantis calls US banana republic over raid [3]

Political inquisition raids in the leadup to trump [4]

The day after trump raid, republican congressman scott perry personal cellphone stolen by FBI seemingly without warrant. The fbi did not want his official cellphone [5]

Officials float using 10th amendment to nullify unconstitutional federal agencies like the FBI and CIA [6] [7]. What this means is the sheriff are the only domestic enforcers and militias are the only defensive force. There is no offensive force or spies.

Arrived in b!ack suv's and did not notify florida leadership or law enforcement [8] and I am concerned if whether or not they informed the secret service. One anonymous source said CES (Counterintelligence and Export Control Section) agents were there with the FBI, and that secret service was notified, but again, this is some random anonymous source and should be investigated.

Raid stole his personal and diplomatic passport [9], maybe I am reading into it but to me this is a clue that perhaps they don't want him leaving the country ahead of his arrest.

Russia collusion hoax division of the FBI running trump raid [10]

Biden white house coordinated what led up to the raid [11]

No legal basis [12]

Could the Secret Service be the moles? Who appoints what agents are at maralago?

Attorney general warns DOJ employees not to talk to congress [13]

America First party

Trump is clearly not a part of the deep state GOP and with his supremely powerful endorsements is in essence creating a new party.

The only question is when do they break off of the GOP and become a separate party pr do they just take over the gop permanently. 93% of republican primaries so far by 8/10/22 have been won by trump endorsed candidates [14]. The deep state GOP with mike pence as their poster child have almost invariably failed to win primaries against trump. So the only question is does trump want to keep the republican name or change it up.

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