The Law

The Law from the Torah see also Bible. Likely made in response to the fact that they were missing the garlic, onion, and leek from egypt [1] which kept them healthy. The law was likely part inspiration from God, part analysis of groups of people who did certain things that survived better or were healthier or stronger less suseptible to the diseases of the time in the wilderness. It is the product of a culture brought to total humility and as such is unique in human history and extremely valuable.

That said who wouldn't want to follow it if it would make one healthier? My genetics come from sicily where they eat rabbits, blood, feral pigs, and many more bad things and I have to spend years of my life in raw garlic and raw onion chemotherapy to break free of the curse brought on by these habits including chronic pasteurella, hemochromatosis, and strongyloides respectively.

The law is smart and even now mainstream science and medicine has no clue of the biological basis for the law. Here we will explore it.

Two more sources of problematic meat are chickens which have campylobacter and salmonella and sheep which contain pasteurella


Not kosher, high in strongyloides


Not kosher, bacteria that feed on blood can cause haemolytic diseases and iron overload if not hemochromatosis itself.


Not kosher, very high in pasteurella


Considered kosher according to the law however high in campylobacter and salmonella


Considered kosher according to the law but high in pasteurella. Lamb possibly better because young so less pasteurella?


Potentially any insects can be bad because chitin in exoskeletons harm the body see body bible.

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