The Great Culling

The plan from 2003 to use vaccines to reduce population up to 90% by killing and/or reducing fertility. Dr. Rima Laibow, wife of Major General Albert (Bert) Stubblebine, appeared on the episode of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory aired in Dec 30 2009. Secret Societies S01E05. The first human case of Swine Flu was found in march 9th 2009 and ended Aug 10 2010.

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Part 2 2021

Rima Laibow is a medical doctor who graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. Her specialties are nutrition and psychiatry. She is a published author, most notably of Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies Of GMO's. She fled the US when learning that the unvaccinated would be rounded up into concentration camps. She now lives in the mountains of Panama.

Possible people who made the 2003 culling threat to Dr. Rima Laibow

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Why Vaira

She is probably a Nazi with an early life story similar to George Soros. She was also the head of state of Latvia during 2003. She was out of power by the time the Dr. Laibow was interviewed by Ventura so Laibow probably felt safe talking about it. Vaira is also head of the Club of Madrid which is an elite group of former heads of state and she has been active in the UN. Vaira also is a psychologist so probably understands the importance of a drug free medical practice since she saw firsthand the side effects of drugs, hence why she sought out Dr. Laibow's drug free practice.

Joseph Spencer

Another great culling whistleblower 95% dead by 2030 [5]

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Fauci studied bacterial infections of the lungs that cause death by influenza [7]

Covid vaccine side effects set to kill a billion people or a holocaust worth of people every couple days [8].

Mass graves. It appears covid vaccines are raising the death rate by 2x [9].

Nazi collaborators

Hitler Youth


Are they admixing squalane in the vaccines "accidentlly"? But it seems it is probably sailene and bacteriostatic water mixup [15]

Great Shutdown

Removing oil and gas from homes so they cant heat with power out [16]

Repurposing facilities

See also concentration camps

Meat processing factory run by AI and fed with boxcars [17]

In around 2013 walmart was seen doing massive secret changes to some stores.

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