Spanish Flu

Fauci did research detailing that the main culprits behind last century spanish flu deaths were staphylococcus and streptococcus [1].

As part of the great culling 2 in 1 influenza and coronavirus in the vaccine will lead to spanish flu shedding. This will trigger a new "variant" either sigma or tau and it will be labeled just another coronavirus variant. In reality it will be the spanish flu. With mask mandates worldwide which causes tyese bacteria to be elevated in the lungs, the spanish flu will be deadly. Since everyone knows you can treat the flu with antibiotics like fauci discovered, its true idedntity will be masked and it will be called just another covid variant so doctors cannot treat it with antibiotics.

Mystery sickness not COVID [2]

2017 CDC lost deadly flu samples [3]

Covid-19 negative patients fill hospitals [4] probably flu.

Mystery virus [5]

More severe subtype 21/22 [6]

Fauci and cdc want omicron to spread far and wide [7] to cover up spanish flu.

Flurona [8]

Avian flu warning from Israel [9]

Avian flu warning from UK [10] but I dont think they will tell you about the real one to hit in a couple months convieniently released with the sigma/tau variant.

Flu and covid at the same time 2x as likely to die [11]


When a strain dissapears it is replaced by a new one [12]. Looks like officials have depricated yamagata to make room for a new spanish flu strain.

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