coca cola

Weaker taste since covid [1] probably gaslighting that cutting costs is really just everyone having covid-19 symptom of loss of taste. My guess is less caramel color which itself can impart flavor.

They did cut sugar high fructose corn syrup by 8% in canada and reduced can size from 355ml (12 oz) to 310 mL in 2015 [2]. My guess is at the same time in the US they lowered sugar by an amount not required to be disclosed by law, perhaps 4% (a rounding error) and also reduced phosphoric acid and caramel color and even carbonic acid to save money. Since I have had "good" coke in the recent past in 2022, I figure only some plants are implementing the changes so they can jusge consumer discontent during the eventual nationwide rollout.

1886 coke recipe [3]

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