Society Design

"If you want it, you are going to have to participate in making it happen"

Society is ultimately made up of individuals. Families are also a natural order. Extended families also in nature tend to live together and form large groups. Groups can also form around an ideal and people live in a community.

Typically in the past these have been called tribes, guilds, clans, etc.

Religions also formed which are groups based on moral teachings. Jesus took hebrew law and broadened it to be inclusive of everyone. However it was taken over by those who love power and greed. Jesus knew if peoples morals were perfected that a just and fair society would self assemble. However this has not quite happened yet. I think designing a framework for society can help people make the leap into becoming a new person because they feel supported and no longer have any fear.

Basic framework

  1. Individual - the seat of ownership, responsibility, desires, consent, accomplishment, and freedom.
  2. Family - the building block of society. Can have ownership and responsibility due to the fact it is based on a contract. The family is an all-in teamwork that shares every essential need between its members.
  3. Voluntary associations - the place where work and/or play is organized and accomplished. Cannot have ownership or responsibility because there cannot be a contract required to be involved or participate. Ownership and responsibility sits with the individuals and families voluntarily participating. In most cases there will be communal ownership of intellectual and real property created by the group. Ideally the group not only gives ownership of what it produces to the group members, but to society as a whole, as in the case of open source software where everyone in the world is owner to the intellectual property.


Individuals are responsible to their conscience, morals, ethics, and beliefs. When they achieve this in their own estimation they are ready to start a family if they want.


A family begins as a contract (the only contract in society) between a man and a woman, like the story of adam and eve. This contract is that the two become one body and that the two are inseperable and mutually responsible for eachother, but each are still free individuals first. The story teaches us that you still are responsible to your conscience first (adam should not have listened to eve to eat the apple, or vice versa). Roles can vary but in general the man should listen to his wife and the wife should listen to her husband.

From this contract between the two, children are born. They should listen to their parents and the parents should intently work to understand their children in order to help them succeed in every way possible, and also to allow the children responsibility in the family based on what the child is good at or loves doing.

A family can also be created in an ad-hoc way by people bieng adopted into a family or a non hetero relationship. The important part is that there is a contract between the adults in the family to share all essential things together and shared responsibility.

Voluntary associations

The secret here seems to be in the past each group basically enforced that you can only be a member of one association and they weren't very voluntary. The secret is that if they are voluntary and you can belong to as many as you want, it will incentivize cooperation between the groups. The movie "Life of Pi" teaches this in that the protagonist is a member of every religion.

The whole point of voluntary associations is that the people and families can work together to achieve things they otherwise couldn't alone.

Membership should be fluid, join or leave whenever you want.


Things to consider

  1. Requires or demands nothing - free to come and go as you wish
  2. Not necesarily location based, but can be
  3. Not mutually exclusive, be a member of as many as you want.
  4. No requirements for joining or maintaining membership.
  5. Should ask as little from their members as possible. This includes money, time commitment, and work. Groups tend to try to ask their members to do as much as possible for the group out of the fear that if they find any other groups they like, they will leave the former group.
  6. Gets no special privileges in society for bieng a member
  7. No leader or power structure, everyone is equal.
  8. No one can make decisions for any other member.
  9. There should be no time or work limit to getting a portion of the produce. If you desire to be a part of it, you are. You reap what you sow, literally.
  10. There are no official roles or membership lists. You can participate anonymously. There can be pseudo-roles to help organize. For example I can participate in a CTO role but any number of others can also participate in a CTO role as well.
  11. Membership should never have to be proven.


  1. Should have a common goal, vision, theme, etc. That is large enough to be inclusive of many people, but narrow enough to lend to a practical vision and accomplishments.
  2. The organization as a whole should be led by consensus of the members and any dissent should be thouroughly considered in the decision making. This is beyond democracy where majority rules (which will eventually fail), here every person rules and every valid concern is understood and addressed. This may seem impossible but it is a culture that develops in the org to dig deep into every sincerely held desire for the org or concern for the org, of every member. Everyone's personality includes a Feeling function, which was placed there by God for this very purpose.
  3. When a voluntary association produces something, there is a natural desire to share it freely outside the group. This should be done where at all possible.


  1. Schools
  2. Local courts or other conflict resolution. All should be resolved locally.
  3. Business partnerships (no corporations as this wouldn't fulfill the requirement that everyone is equal)
  4. Religions
  5. Movements
  6. Defense/security
  7. Medicine
  8. Food production

Things to be deprecated

  1. Governments - this means local, state, national, world
  2. Enforcement of policies or laws - people are only liable to their conscience, not what someone else thinks they should or shouldn't do.
  3. Officialness. There is nothing official in a voluntary association, no official rules, mandates, membership lists, or anything else.

How to think

Everyone tries to gain all they want with minimal interaction with others. This is acheived by a universally valuable impersonal means of exchange like dollars. When this universal means of exchange no longer holds value then people will have to work together for what they want to achieve via Voluntary associations.

Do not think the individual is nothing. The individual is the beginning and end of society. Society is cooperation based on individuals common goals.


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