Self Defense

Reckless endangerment

If you knowingly and unnecessarily put yourself in a position where you will likely need to use violence to defend yourself, and you do use violence to defend yourself, then you are guilty of reckless endangerment.

Some examples of unnecessarily would be defending someone elses property especially if you were not asked to do so.

If you want to still do it then fine but there should be consequences.

Let the precedent be set

Proportional force

Self defense cannot be claimed unless there is an imminent and actual (not imagined) threat of proportional force to that used to stop the threat.

Reasonable action

Self defense cannot be claimed if the victim was acting reasonably to a perceived threat that the imposer of violence posed.

For example if someone seems to be acting erratically with a deadly weapon and people are trying to chase them off or disarm them, and then those people are a victim of violence (supposed self defense) from the erratic person, then the inflicter of violence cannot claim self defense.

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