Some indicate it appears to be made by Giants.

Video comment: Steve H. 3 months ago There have been many newspaper and magazine articles written about the rock wall at Rockwall. Early newspaper accounts of previous excavations wrote that the wall is about 70 feet high. I remember reading an article that the mortar is a composite material that is unlike any known mortar today. Huge human like bones and large urns and an axe with a 15 ft. long handle were discovered in a cave. These items were believed to be located outside of the wall. This suggests that the wall may have been built to keep out the giants and dangerous dinosaurs. It has been estimated that the wall is rectangular or square with 20 mi. sides. Geologists have estimated that the base of the wall would place the geological period for the construction of the wall at about 240 million years ago, assuming that the wall was built at ground level at the time. The Dallas area of Texas was at the edge of a sea 240 million years ago. This planet has an incredible history to reveal for those willing to open their eyes and look.

Human like ape footprints along with dino print also found in texas [1]. Glen rose [2] where the footprint was found, is actually very close to rockwall texas [3] [4], literally only 2 counties separate them.

possible mayan ruins in texas: Fed Up 3 months ago The oldest known Mayan city/civilization is at the bottom of Lake Livingston. More interesting Texas history.

Book? [5]

more info [6]

actually 3.5x5.6 miles (3.5 is exactly 0.625 of 5.6, close to golden ratio of 0.618 and equivalent to 5/8ths ) so 19.6 square miles [7] Also 60x100 ft chamber, again almost exactly the golden ratio. also says it has a high magnetic property, which might mirror magnetic walls to keep out bigfoot legends, how to make a fence to keep bigfoot out [8]


Sodom and Gamorrah may have had a big rock wall [9]

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Hello, I found great interest in this formation or wall found in rockwall, texas - seemingly about 10 foot underground and proceeds down for about 7 stories, it is said. It is said to encompass a huge rectangular area.

History channel investigated and took samples and saw that the magnetic fields in the rocks are all aligned which would indicate that they were not taken from random directions and assembled and therefore they conclude it is a natural feature.

However if we consider that during the flood there could have been a pole shift or something else happen that re-magnetized all the rocks, something made before the flood might look natural to this scientific technique. Anyway if it is man made, and pre-flood, this could be an even more amazing find than just some mayan relic in the US. Some possibilities could be an ancient city (Cain-ite?), even as crazy as the garden of eden or the tower of babel. So I think it is worth looking into!

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