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Methods to generate truly random numbers
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Entropy is the key [1]

Ring oscillator attacks [2] [3]

Radioactive bit flips

Since there is no entropy in digital systems, a random number generating algorithm will always be pseudorandom. However there is one way truly random noise happens to digital data, bit flips. These bit flips happen from cosmic rays and the like hitting a bit just right to flip it. Well what if we can harness this an make it happen often? We could have a teeny tiny memory chip, say 1 mb or 1 gb that is coated in radioactive material like uranium or perhaps thorium, then plated with lead and covered with an aluminum shield. It could be tiny, perhaps even integrated into a processor or motherboard or an addon-card or device or anywhere.

Typically AMD processors for instance use clock jitter as a source of truly random noise [4]. However this jitter is cyclic and there probably aren't a huge range of positions it could probabilistically fill.

With an array of even just 1 mb, you have 8 million bits. This gives 2^8,000,000 different combinations of bits! So even just with a tiny 1 mb chip coated in radioactive material (or radioactive material integrated any way into/onto/under/side/etc the chip) you have near infinite combinations of patterns. And since it is memory, no special hardware or sensor is needed to get the data, just read the memory! It could be fast memory, slow memory, on chip, off chip, etc.

Temperature might need to be stabilized or compensated for.

Tritium could also be used and would be very easy to dope since it is just hydrogen. A combo of tritium and/or lithium and/or uranium/thorium or their oxides could also be used. [5]

Atmospheric noise

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