Rabbits are a survival food however I would suggest growing edible plant survival food first.

Rabbits are not allowed according to the torah bible which is likely because they are infected with the deadly bacteria pasteurella.

Rabbits were eaten in sicily [1] which may be why there are health problems like pasteurella.


Some good foods include sunflower, echinacea, berry bushes (which also provide cover from predators), broccoli, peppers, lettuce, spinach etc [2]

More plants rabbits will and won't eat [3].

Will eat Bean, cabbage, carrot, grass, and many they won't eat [4]

Fatten with alfalfa, sunflower seeds, oats, banana, etc [5] also I figure fructose could help as it causes weight gain but overdoing it could be detrimental [6].


Excellent guide to herbal rabbit medicine [7]

Pathology of the rabbit [8]

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