Pure Imagination

Sativa dominant hybrid of Acapulco gold, chocolope, and purple haze
Published: 10-29-2021
Author: GiverofMemory
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"Pure Imagination" is a cannabis strain that is a natural grex (continuously variable) cross between a sativa dominant trifecta of chocolope and alcapulco gold and purple haze. Chocolope is 97.5% sativa and Acapulco gold is 80% sativa and purple Haze is 60% sativa making this cross approximately 79% sativa.


Chocolope is a cross between cannalope haze which is 95% sativa and chocolate Thai aka Thai stick which is 100% sativa as a sativa landrace strain.

Cannalope haze is a cross between a haze (which itself is a cross between 4 sativa landrace strains [1] [2]) and a male Mexican landrace sativa, probably Maui wowie [3] [4].

Suseptible to mold above 50% humidity [5] so spray with 1% hydrogen peroxide [6] during growth

Acapulco gold

Acapulco gold is 70-80% sativa strain from alcapulco mexico in the guerrero mountains [7] with unknown genetics.

My analysis indicates Acapulco gold is a 3 way cross between one indica and 2 sativa strains. Afghani [8] was likely crossed with chocolate Thai and then that resulting cross was bred with Columbian gold [9].

Purple Haze

Purple haze is a cross between haze (like cannalope haze) and a purple indica [10] probably purple thai [11]

Purple thai is a cross between oaxacan gold and chocolate thai like acapulco gold and chocolope contains chocolate thai themselves.


Purple Haze regular [12] or feminized [13] ($85 5 seeds coinpayments) [14] ($40 3 seeds bitcoin) [15] ($45 3 seeds bitcoin)

Acapulco gold feminized [16]

Chocolope regular [17]


"Pure imagination" is a reference to Charlie and the chocolate factory because chocolate and gold is reminiscent of Charlie's golden ticket. As a nearly pure sativa, pure imagination should well describe the effects.

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