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Treated with plasmin or plasminogen [1].

Doxycycline and immunotherapy fatal familial insomnia [2] which kills haemophilus, streptococcus, and mycoplasma. There may be a link to hemochromatosis as there are animal models of tetracycline induced transgenic hepcidin expression [3]. Also brucella is a nasty intracellular bacteria that also is implicated in hepcidin and hemochromatosis. It is also killed with doxycycline [4].


Possibly Smartweed. Yes there is evidence [5]


Dandelion latex fights prions like plasmin or plasminogen also in raw goat milk.

I wonder if onion and garlic helps also if pasteurella is involved.

Prions can help pass down survival techniques in yeast [6] perhaps humans? I know with Borderline personality disorder I believe is caused by prions and can cause someone to have a scarcity mindset which might help in hard times like we are experiencing now.

7 years ago
Is it possible that perhaps chaperones are somehow involved in both, prion diseases as well as others such as Alzheimer's, seeing as both involve misfolded proteins?


V Ling
V Ling
1 year ago
See lectures of Stanley Prusiner.

Accumulation in spleen [7]

infect m cells in the gut which deliver the prions to the brain and macrophages destroy prions [8]

Eaten by tingible body macrophages, which may emit prostaglandins [9] possibly upregulating things like PGE2? Downregulates IL-2. causes swollen lymph nodes.


A total lack of normal PrP is associated with mild difference from normal mice [10]. They lack the ability to get infected with misfolded prions and thus resistant against Alzheimer's nd other prion diseases. They have a bit more fragmented sleep but are resistant against circadian rhythm change. They may have slightly less antioxidant power and would need to supplement antioxidants. They have more active phagocytosis so this would be one reason they would resist prion diseases and also other bacterial infections and perhapse intracellular parasites like brucella, perhaps toxoplasmosis? Knockouts are more susceptible to seizures. Certain types of memory might be negatively effected slightly. Knockouts may have increased damage and reduced adaptation to stroke. Knockouts might be suseptible to myelin degeneration. Knockout stem cells are bad at self renewal, they run out, but can be rescued by adding PrP. PRP protein most similar to DPL, I wonder if there are any food or herbal sources of something similar that can rescue PrP knockouts? Like something that could be in the tree of life? Perhaps the choice was stay in wonderland where you need the tree of life but will never die due to prions, or choose the tree of knowledge and be able to survive in the wild but eventually succumb to prion misfolding and die.




Kuru epidemic [12]


Denatures at 70 celcius with 90% renaturation when cools [13] but perhaps if denatured in the presence of plasmin or plasminogen or dandelion latex would be enough to prevent the renaturation. What this could mean is that cooking infected food with dandelion root might inactivate the prions.

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