Poison Ivy

Upregulates CD1a [1]

Mostly Th2 response including IL4 and IL13 and IL33 with some Th17 gemes too, IgE is upregulated [2]

Th1 Th2 balance responses [3]

Echinacea [4] which also is one to help Th1 Th2 balance. Also baking soda and vinegar

Melatonin seems to help along with washing the areas with soap once a day. In jewelweed studies lots of times soap was used as a control and worked just as well.

Took jewelweed internally did not help. Mashing the leaves and on the rashes help for 1-3 hours only.

Homeopathic name is Rhus Tox and it is known to treat symptoms [5] that seem similar to Wuchereria. Homeopathic is ultra ditute but perhaps a tea made from a tiny bit of poison ivy leaf often might help the body fight worms. The hot water in tea inactivates the urshinol that causes the allergic reaction too.

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