Phosphate Repletion

Started with about a gram of dipotassium phosphate in water. Tasted like litrally nothing and I am used to potassium salts tasting horrible. Pretty soon after I got heart palpitations so rested and drank water. It subsided. Lesson is take it VERY slow taking potassium phosphate. I usually have heart skipping beat once in a while and get a chronic cough probably from the heart problems putting fluid in the lungs as well as h pylori reflux. After taking the phosphorus my migraine probably from strongyloides was worse now probably better (couple hours later). I also had to go pee which is normal for me after taking any kind of potassium

I can get goosebumps again.

More sweating less hunger

Less desire for tobacco more sleepiness

More peace and serenity

I have never once been able to fall asleep on my back before, maybe that will change. I toss and turn every night, but I feel more comfortable now.

More sensitive to temperatures both warm and cold

Weak hands when gripping upon waking up from sleep is back

Took some magnesium bis glycinate as well.

Feeling strong pressure in head, hopefully from resolving hydrocephalus. This pressure relieved after sleep. Little pains felt in body and itches. Pains might be from getting rid of blood clots.

Stabbing migraine from strongyloides in the brain still present off and on.

Still have stiff neck I have had for weeks now since starting treatment with vitamin e and selenium

Migraine and picking came back at high levels (taking glutamic acid probably didn't help!)

I can walk up stairs effortlessly like I am a kid again. Before it could take me up to a couple minutes taking a break on each step.

Have a smell in my nose like after taking DMT which I feel is the breakdown products perhaps from pseudomonas in the brain. Not sure why phosphorus is causing this but perhaps my brain isnow making more dmt and thus melatonin

Having lower back pain after taking dipotassium phosphate but with added citric acid. Kidneys need alkaline to get rid of excess phosphorus.

A little chest pain in the heart probably need garlic. A little restless legs probably need some ginger.

A little gut pain, probably need some activated charcoal

When excited notice heart irregularities and also brain issues which could mean increasing risk of heart attack and stroke. Heart palpitations in general seem a bit better but when laying on left side get pain in heart instead of skipping beats which is what used to happen. I have been taking a couple thousand iu of vitamin d with phosphate but might need more or might need more calcium. Noticed low body temperature, pain in upper left side thyroid gland, and discomfort in lower legs. Probably what happened is high blood phosphorus led to more production of PTH and osteoclasts in lower legs tried to raise blood calcium. Migraine then came back.

Only going to continue this at very small doses in order to keep h pylori and iron overload in check and treat my parathyroid with essential oils.

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