Biden admin wants to scale back oil production but wants the industry to refine more to lower prices. Oil industry is hesitant to invest with 10 year payback period into regulatory uncertainty [1]

Utica Shale

[2] [3]

Strategic oil reserve

Biden admin dippin in likely in an attempt to keep gasoline below $5 a gallon before midterm election, some is apparently bieng sold onthe black market to china [4] likely to fund the black budget.

On track to be zero by 2024 [5]

10 million more barrels being sold 9/19/22 [6]. This is a joke now they make restrictive regulations and sanctions to spike the price then sell it off at a premium. The US is being looted by criminals right now, next they sell off the national forests? They probably are already selling the great lakes water rights due to artificial shortages. At this point the whitehouse has raised probably around 10-20 billon dollars selling oil, where has that money gone? They didn't give it away... Also they are selling now to keep consumers lulled to sleep before the election and are facing massive oil price increases in the future due to cutting off russian oil by feb 2023.

Russia Ukraine Conflict

Germany warning of total shutoff of gas from russia [7]

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