Personality Disorder

Jesus said, "Whoever seeks shouldn't stop until they find. When they find, they'll be disturbed. When they're disturbed, they'll be […] amazed, and reign over the All."

"When you know yourselves, then you'll be known, and you'll realize that you're the children of the living Father. But if you don't know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty."

- Gospel of thomas

Personality disorders are often thought of as a tree. To me this reminds me of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil from the bible. And this is a useful analogy because personality disorders spread like a virus, a social virus if you will, because they spread from person to person by practicing evil deeds. These personality disorders are behavioral patterns that emerge due to evil being done to you in life. Which one you end up developing is based on your own (unique) biology in response to an evil done to you. This biology may have to do with whether you have Serotonin or dopamine predominate, your personality type, or the ratio of your sex hormones to their respective receptors. I also think that prions play a perhaps large role.

You developed this disorder because you have been wronged. And you did it to teach them a lesson. And you probably did. But at what cost? The cost is the evil continues spreading throughout the world.

If I had to hazard a guess (and you know I do) I would say cluster A (mad, like crazy) might be when you have serotonin too high, cluster B (bad, as in "he's a bad boy") from having testosterone too high, and cluster C (sad, as in depressed) from having estrogen too high.

Personality disorders linked to personality types [1] [2]

Cluster B

Characterized by being chaotic [3]


"You'll be sorry when I'm gone" - Adam's Song Blink 182

Used to be called borderline psychotic [4]

May be on the same spectrum as narcissism Probably the cause of "thin skin" [5] overreactivity of the mind

Borderline personality disorder affects 1 in 16 people [6] and the scary part is there are 16 personality types... also it has been said around 3% of the population have BPD, and 3% are INTP's...

Haloperidol which is also used for Alzheimers and called Vitamin H [7] may help. Also used in schizophrenia even hiccups [8]. To my eye looks closest to vitamin d. EPA also thought to treat [9]. Risperidone also is used [10] and is a similar molecule. However both of these drugs contain Fluorine and are very dangerous and natural alternatives are needed.

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Michel Essiambre  most of my meds failed, the only one that really helped ~my~ bpd was Haldol, it’s an antipsychotic. When I was on meds it was just to help curb my depression for the time being so we could focus on dbt and other therapy techniques. I’ve heard from other that meds help TONS and other who say the meds only made it worse. I find Effexor worked well with managing my co-occurring  depression. (home grown bud has helped the most)

DBT dialectical behavioral therapy works for many.

Possibly related to ADHD

My thought is perhaps too must testosterone for the amount of testosterone receptors you have could be a cause, which would make sense why women more likely to have it. Also might relate to bisexual transgender homosexual tendencies.

If it is linked to alzheimers, then dandelion root might help. And also could be caused by prion, and if so, perhaps other prion like problems like chronic insomnia, which is actually true they have sleep disturbances [11] but this could also point to toxoplasma [12] possibly instead of or addition to prions.

For me the biggest trigger is a dismissive attitude to my theories as an INTP.

Trying to fix things you have no control over [13]

I suspect the impulsiveness can manifest as taking shortcuts mentally and physically. Shortcuts in disagreements can lead to outbursts. You are always looking for an easier way which might make you make mistakes if the supposed easier way turns out to be exponentially harder in practice, or it can tend to just not work. They say that people with bpd have like a hole in their psyche that when you fill it up it spills out [14]. Since they never have a lot of mental juice, they take mental shortcuts. This "mental juice" could be dopamine.

Might turn an extravert into an introvert [15]. I notice this too, was entp like as a child but became an introvert after starting school.

Isfp related to bpd [16] [17] so in my case lets say I am an entp but have borderline which shifts my shadow from esfp to isfp thus shifting my prime personality to intp. According to this [18] borderline doesn't have a preference for extravert or introvert, but perhaps shadow bpd where your shadow is effected not your prime, can make you more introverted. Just a thought, not sure.

Van gogh probably had it [19] [20]


The heroes journey, the one, etc are tropes that are narcissistic and harmful. Our society rewards each person thinking they are the savior, the hero, the one. This creates a narcissistic divide in personal relationships and is likely done by intelligence agencies like CIA FBI, etc to control and slit up the families and relationships. You cannot have teamwork if you are the most important.

This is characterized with dysregulation of self image. It can be the Jesus effect or the Stage effect where in your mind there can only be one main character in the story of humanity. And you either believe you are that main character or you are worthless and meaningless. Proper self image regulation recognizes that since everyone is unique, everyone plays a very important role in the story of humanity. The story of humanity is about We instead of Me.


Antisocial combined with narcissism predisposes someone to become a serial killer [21]

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