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Great reference to finding "famous" peoples personality types [1]

4 sides of the mind [2]

Cognitive function test [3]

Cognitive functions

Type comparison [4]

Personality in depth and brain regions

Ti (introverted thinking) [5]

Fi (introverted feeling) [6]

Si (introverted sensing) [7]

Ni (introverted intuition) [8]

Te (extraverted thinking) [9]

Fe (extraverted feeling) [10] how each type uses it [11]

Cults linked to Fe trickster [12]

Se (extraverted sensing) [13]

Ne (extraverted intuition) [14]

Find the connections between things [15]

Terrence McKenna on Novelty might be useful.

Cognitive functions descriptive

Introverted (types of concentration)

  1. Ti introverted thinking - Synthesis/Connection/Solution/Logic
  2. Ni introverted intuition - Compilation/Perspective/Pattern/Willpower/Wisdom
  3. Si introverted sensing - Comparison/Memory/Duty
  4. Fi introverted feeling - Value/Authenticity/Morals/Compassion

Extraverted (types of expression)

  1. Te extraverted thinking - Accuracy/Effectiveness/Practicality/Rationale
  2. Ne extraverted intuition - Novelty/Exploration/Possibility/Metaphysics
  3. Se extraverted sensing - Awareness/Extravagence
  4. Fe extraverted feeling - Caring/Serving/Ethics


Overview of the cognitive functions [16]

All the cognitive functions for all the types [17]

Most liekly to write a book, usually Ni and Ne are the biggest factors (Ni a little more than Ne) and Te contributes to make one slightly more likely [18]

Mirror image personality types [19] like classes of the same element type in BlockchainGame

Ni-Ti loop and breaking it with your extraverted function [20]

MBTi types

Mbti vs big 5 [21]

Cognitive personality theory blog on types [22]

Things types hate, see if they line up with trickster function [23]


5 signs your not an intp, intricacies of the intp [24]. Some notes, introverted thinking in dominant position tends to outsource to extraverted thinking to double check their internal frameworks. This might be looking up studies that may confirm or deny your thoery. Introverted thinking is convergent whereas introverted feeling is divergent, perhaps if/why Ti and Fi are both high in intp's? Ti fluid in intp but Fi is stubborn. Fi is a dip function in an intp and as such must be voluntarily accessed. Extraverted intuition possibilities counterbalnces the internal microscope of Si. This microscope directed in a multitude of Ne directions validates the integrity of Ti frameworks. Authority function (2nd slot) is divergent with Ne but operated underneath it is an equally divergent Ni that is used for prioritization of the ideas. Si for close examination and refinement. Ne gives abstract lens and Si a concrete lens. Tends to fall into Ti-Ni state where they gather data and link them all together. Fe can be strong to do things for others but can only be done in bursts. Extraverted sensing blindspot.

Funny but true analysis by an intj [25] and [26] both from the same firecracker girl!

Full cognitive stack 8 functions [27]

Advice from an older intp [28] most poignant to me is to become a master at one field (and a jack at others). Also never make decisions based solely on emotions. Use emotion as motivation only.

Se trickster [29]

Fe inferior [30]

Best friends with INTJ [31]

INTP has a hard time going into Si mode to do a task to completion, unless they have previously explored all other potential possibilities (Ne) before commiting to do a certain one.

Darkside of intp [32]. To high Ni can mean that the INTP becomes too confident in their intuitive opinions and jumping to conclusions.

may tend to oversimplify based on theoretical or speculative assumptions, or use others as lab rats in testing their theories [33]

Darkside of an INTP from an INTP [34]

INTP channels [35]

INTP things they hate with many accurate points [36]

Christopher walken is an intp and he "needs more cow bell" shows we crave Se. Also his voice is probably an Se outlet for him.

Common Disorders

Borderline Personality disorder


How to improve yourself

  1. Loyalty sharpening - this will lead you to "find yourself". Loyalty can be to a subject, a person, a group, an idea, a plan, a deadline, etc.
  2. Avoiding the trap of self-righteousness by focusing on empathy instead. This will turn your demon into a guardian angel.
  3. Using helping others as motivation but not an end to itself. You bieng your best self will help other incidentally, but you are generally not best at helping others directly.
  4. Don't use Te (giving people advice) without using Ni which is learn every aspect of what you want to advise, don't shoot from the hip. Or you can also use Si which would mean you can give advice by comparing a current situation to one you have seen before. Also qualify your advice with as much downplaying of your own merits as possible (ie: i'm not a doctor and I don't know all the possible downsides of this suggestion [so do your own research] but you might want to look into X because I think it might really help you with Y because it does Z). INTP is not generally good at giving advice, just teaching others so they can make good decisions on their own. This is why INTP's generally do not want to make rules for others to follow.


Fi vs Fe means they internalize thought before externalizing action. Access Ti and Ni through gateway of Fi which leads to a more attached to themselves form of logic rather than detached logic and researching. Fi is more convergent and fluid and malleable sense of self as opposed to the more rigid values of the intp. Se is opposite of Ne and so is a blindspot just like intps. Uses extraverted intuition funneled through Si to sort of compensate for a lack of Se, intp's do the same. INFP's and ESFJ are best types in lab environment where logical frameworks are to be observed and abided by and are divergent thinkers and have a preference for resaerch over conjecture [37] [38] youtube:5 signs you're not an infp.


They tend to want to know whats going on and what people plan to do around them. They want to get a sense of the details of everything going on around them [39]. They tend to stray from what is "need to know" and when unhealthy can pry into other things they don't need to know just because they are curious [40], which people don't like. They just want to know, and also sometimes they see a pathway to use this information against the person to manipulate them or make them fit in a box they have for them. ISTJ's tend to want to box things in because they are uncomfortable with unpredictable things. This can be prematurely or unnecessarily asking you a question which makes you feel like you must make a decision then, where taking your time to think about it before a decision could have led to a better decision. This tends to happen when the type feels they are boring or nerdy and must become more extraverted, this can be seen by them as "coming out of their shell". This can cause a switch to flip inside them and they use Te in a dominant way even though they are not the best at using it wisely. Also they can be overconfident in Ne and have crazy ideas that are not grounded in reality which informs their questioning. Speculation is a good word for this. They over-use Ne in order to seem interesting and edgy, and not nerdy or a dork.

Te, if overused by a non Te dominant, can be controlling [41]

They also tend to have a method of the way they want things done [42] and can become irritated with small things that don't line up with their methodology like placing something on a certain part of the counter instead of another part.

Funny sketches [43]

They are perfect which makes them weird, from an INFJ [44]

why ISTJ's are great by psyc and chill with michi [45]


They tend to be very loyal and committed and generous to those they believe are good people.


Manipulative but direct line of questioning to get you to reveal something that you normally wouldn't [46] [47]. If you don't answer their questions they will attempt to spy on you to find the answer. You can think of the CIA or FBI as an ISTJ.

From unhealthy to healthy istj [48]


ISTJ from the perspective of an INFJ [49]

Can be a great mentor [50]

Channels by infj's [51]


Youtube channels of INTJ's [52]

How Ni relates to Ne reddit comment [53]


Youtube channels of ENTP's [54]

Often confused with INTP because tests test for social extraversion, not cognitive extraversion [55] [56]


Unhealthy looks like [57]

Channels by isfp's [58]

I don't support others enough or I don't deserve it explained [59]

Careers and interests


INFP's ESFJ best in lab environment where logical frameworks are to be observed and abided by [60]


Not the best analysis but a start [61].

Personality in game design

Todo: make type grid

Fantasy tropes in personality types [62]

Methodology in mmo [63]

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