Studied infections that today are totally hidden in humans but perhaps very prevalent and devastating like pasteurella, and nosema. Since Fauci thinks he is the antichrist and nostradamus predicted pasteur was an antichrist, could fauci be making bioweapon out of the microbes pasteur discovered? He created early gain of function techniques (by accident or intentionally) by simply serial passaging of a pathogen in a desired host. He did this supposedly to created a weakened (attentuated) form to use in a vaccine but what it really does is create a form that is good at surviving for long periods in a host. Since this was the basis of vaccines, his work basically made humans a pathogen colony.

Pasteur history [1]

Researches on diseases of silkworm [2]. Did he really cure the problem or create the problem that he already had the cure for, in a problem reaction solution scenario? Serial passaging of a pathogen on a species or their cells, then crossing it with the wild type is probably a method that can cause gain of function and then pasteur spread it amongst silkworm factories and magically had the cure (the serially passaged, non wild type crossed). He was in poor health at this point probably because he believed his own bullshit and game himself all of his vaccine.

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