Lots of info [1]

7000 year old case [2]

Biotin effects measurement [3]

Things that supress parathyroid hormone including vitamin a vitamin d thyroid hormone, etc [4] personally I think phosphate repletion will also lower parathyroid hormone secretion.

High vitamin d supplementation can significantly reduce PTH 28% without surgery [5]

Perhaps biotin activates parathyroid hormone stopping overproduction [6]

Biotin and vitamin k seem to help lower PTH [7]

It has been suggested boron is for the parathyroid like iodine is for the thyroid [8]

PTH effect on phosphorus is interesting, it would have to liberate phosphate from the bones and increases intestinal absorption but it also gives you phosphate diabetes which means you loose more phosphorus in the urine.

Symptoms [9]


Diagnosis [24]

Primary hyperparathyroidism

Secondary hyperparathyroidism


Essential oil blend

Starting with targeting mycobacterium first with eucalyptus


It seems like about 10% of people have an issue [30] and 1 in 300 have a serious issue.

Can be from MEN multiple endocrine neoplasms [31]





Mycobacterium often presents with low PTH and high calcium [33]

Magnesium deficiency [34]

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