Parasitic Worms

See also strongyloides.

Nutrition support, selenium, retinol, vitamin e, obesity, CD4 [1]

Zinc may help the body fight parasitic worms [2].

Pinworms and hookworms are common.

Epazote is known to help.

Zinc, retinoids, Ferritin, Iron, Hemoglobin levels and parasitic worm infections [3].

Vitamin e reduced worm burden [4] reason probably is it reduces ambient IgE so body can use it more targeted.

Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Retinoids reduced in Helminth infected people [5].

General roundworm advice and treatments [6].

Selenium, vitamin e [7], and retinoids important to guard against parasite infection.

Zinc and Retinoids effect on Giardia, Ascaris, and Entamoeba [8].

Retinoids supplementation does not seem to effect parasitic worm reinfection rates [9].

Retinoids deficiency linked to parasitic worm infection [10].

Brain parasites [11] [12] [13].

Under scalp worms [14].

Insecticides interact with melatonin receptors [15], could melatonin treat worm infections? It can [16] [17]. Interestingly melatonin is extremely similar molecule to albednazole, a common worm drug.


Combination of vitamin e, zinc, retinol, selenium caused worm crawling sensations so probably working.

Black walnut hulls, wormwood, and cloves by Hulda Clark [18].

Melatonin which is similar to benzimidazole anti-helminth drugs and effects tubulin [19] and also affects cancer.

Essential oil [20] [21].

Black walnut, clove, pumpkin seed, garlic, wormwood, neem, thyme, marshmallow root, diatomaceous earth [22].

Tobacco [23]

Probiotics research [24]

Magnesium may help by 2 mechanisms, causing flaccid paralysis of the worm [25] and also probably by increasing barrier strength which doesn't allow parasite to penetrate like for strongyloides and hookworm

Various natural alternatives to ivermectin [26]

Nordic cows grazed on wormwood, mugwort, chicory, tansy [27]

Latvian herbs tansy mugwort wormwood heather [28]

Hair loss

Hookworm and tapeworm known to cause hair loss [29]


Hookworms cause anemia [30] which could mean the body creates a genetic condition hemochromatosis to keep from becoming anemic given a chronic hookworm infection.


Might be an association with worms and cancer [31].



Hookworms seem to cause hair loss near where they reside. Hookworms can live chronically in the feet (especially in the blood vessels near the arch of the foot) causing hair loss on the lower legs. Hookworms can live in the scalp or vessels on the sides of the head causing hair loss on the top of the head. Hookworms can live in the scrotum causing scrotal hair loss.


Epsom salt and thymol were an early treatment [32]

Retinoids, garlic, pumpkin seeds can treat hookworm [33] [34] [35].


Vitamin e [36].

Possibly melatonin and selenium.


Does not effect hepcidin or zinc or retinoids apparently [37].




Larvae can live for many years and in the brain [39]

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