Parasite Blend

Designed to eradicate parasitic worms. Also see Insect Blend and tree of life.


Research [1]

Oil research

Beta-sitosterol [2]

Essential oil blend

Hookworm blend


10 drops clove

10 drops nutmeg

5 drops oregano

10 drops thyme

10 drops peppermint

5 drops carrot

10 drops cinnamon

3 droppers black seed

Rest 1/2 mct and 1/3 castor to 1

Strongyloides blend

Lavender (egg hatch)

Orange (larval development)





Research including strongyloides

Calamus [3]

Citral but not limonene for larvae [4]

Strongy clove and cinnamon [5]


Various essential oils to research

Thyme thymol


Peppermint better than albednazole.

Thymol carvacrol eugenol geraniol cinnamic aldehyde citronellalol farnesol (citronella neroli) nerolidol (neroli)

Backwardness of the south attributed to hookworm

Cocklebur, indian mallow

Nigella sativa blackseed

Tobacco and parasites [6].

Tobacco horse and goat dewormer [7].

Hookworms modulate the immune system

Disseminated could be strongyloides


Citrus seeds threadworm

Along with tb strongy causes water retention

Disseminated strongy

Asthma and allergy can be caused by strongy

Strongy 3 stage protocol. Seems to cause body hair loss in comments

Strongy herbs Black pine, chrysanthium, hyacinth orchid, chinese hemlock eggs and worms

Seriously good natural dewormer info [8]

Jamaica vervian S. jamaicensis as effective as thiabednazole [9]

Brown seaweed like wakame [10]

Felty germander, yarrow, dyers greenweed, European white elm honorable mention to ginko biloba (T. polium shoots A. millefolium inflorescens, G. tinctoria shoots and U. laevis shoots) [11]

Strongy, if you dont look you wont find

Strongy medicinal plants including gallic and ellagic acid

Turmeric, garlic, black walnut, wormwood, clove

Anti parasitic herbs

Strongyloides colon cancer and IBD

Strongy gastric cancer and ulcers

Strongy qnd covid

Ivermectin and black seed strongy

Plant metabolites

Various herbs strongy neem, tobacco, Barbados lilac, betel leaf, pineapple, jute, turmeric, garlic, dodder and bitter gourd. Tobacco best followed by garlic and turmeric then neem

Tobacco seller [12]

Nuclear option strongy

Various prescription drugs

Strongy totally embedded in mucosa nicotine arecoline

Cure for death

Guy who lived long eating cigars.

Horse dewormer includes Barberry, Cascara, Garlic, Milk Thistle, Sage, Slippery Elm, Cloves, Goldenseal, Chaparral, and Juniper Berry [13].

pumpkin seed oil as a dewormer [14].

neem yarrow and diatomaceous earth [15]

Nordic herbs for parasites wormwood mugwort chicory tansy [16]

Latvian herbs Tansy mugwort wormwood heather and others including yarrow and wild carrot [17]

Kashmir herbs Artemisia absinthium wormwood Achillea millifolium yarrow, Allium sativum garlic, Myrsine africana cape myrtle [18]

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