Pantothenic Acid

Needed to produce cortisol and many have low levels [1]

Very important for adrenal based chronic fatigue [2].

May have relation to insomnia [3]

Deficiency can cause many symptoms including chronic fatigue anemia gray hair [4]

High iron and copper like iron overload depletes it [5]

Huge effect on triglycerides and high cholesterol [6]

Might cause acne due to overgrowth of p acnes possibly prostate cancer [7] [8].

Mutation in pantothenate kinase 2 can have trouble converting it to coa [9]

Coa requires cysteine ATP and pantothenic acid [10]

Chicken health [11]

Improves wound healing and many things [12]

B5 and other vitamins in fish [13]

Deficiency syndrome

  1. High blood pressure [14]
  2. Cortisol dysregulation


Probably from its effect on superoxide dismutase


Pantothenic acid is required to produce cortisol

Increases adrenal cells sensitivity to acth [15] [16]

Superoxide dismutase

Superoxide dismutase requires cortisol to be produced and detoxifies the byproducts of mitochondria [17]

May increase lifespan and is found in high amounts in royal jelly [18] [19]

Side effects


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