Nuclear bomb in houston prophecy [1]

Recently natural news has been talking that spike protien prevents genetic repair [2] due to ionizing radiation (also volcano increases UV radiation), and also entities are proposing sending nuclear waste to "space" [3] which really means put it into orbit and when over time the orbit degrades it will reenter the atmosphere [4] creating nuclear debris fallout raining down on the planet. People need to get to locations on earth that have less probability of orbiting debris raining down, probably the high latitudes. Most orbits in low earth orbit is low inclination so they get a boost from earths rotation [5] but we don't know what type of low earth orbit they will launch the nuclear waste in, and they could do a high inclination orbit (polar) in order to target reentry into populated areas like NYC. But in general I would think high latitudes are safer from raining nuclear fallout.

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