Naturehackers Proverbs

This will not be written poetically. Also this is not me bieng morally or ethically superior to anyone else and thinking I know how to live or act better than anyone else. This is written simply because I want to remember lessons I have learned in life so I don't make the same mistakes over again because I have a bad memory. Written in moments of clarity.

  1. Don't make decisions for other people. If they make decisions based on what you say then they will make decisions based on what other people say too. Help people become good at making thier own decisions.
  2. The biggest financial mistake everyone makes is they don't pursue dreams or passions unless they know how it could make money. Thinking that way is putting the cart before the horse. Pursue you dreams and passions and keep getting better at them and you will figure out how to monetize it along the way.
  3. Get advice from introverts. One who speaks little observes much.
  4. Tobacco and CBD are for prayer and musing, THC is for relaxation. alcohol is for socializing.
  5. Every disease has either a proximal or root cause from some type(s) of bacteria. Every bacteria has a nemesis in the herbal kingdom. Even diseases that have no or little link to bacteria have cures in herbs.

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