NASA Photoshops

Always use 3 colors then "add missing shadows" [1].

Combining, retouching, and "further editing" [2].

They use 2 types of diversions to discredit leakers. First is alien presence [3]. Second is flat earth. So that if a leaker does come forth from the agency, they don't talk about real reasons NASA is stealing money and not doing missions, they talk about how they are covering up alien presence or a flat earth.

People with high security clearances make original fakes, they split the pic into multiple channels, then let lowly technicians merge them and give them a final touch of realism [4].

Visualization scientist, more like artist [5].

Another astronot threatens to knock out person who asks him to swear he went to the moon [6] just like buzz aldrin.

Fake moon landings photoshoot whistleblower used dumptrucks of sand and stone covered with cement powder in an aircraft hanger [7] cannon air force base new mexico project slam dunk

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