Causes specific pain upon leaning forward and can be triggered by coronavirus vaccines [1] so probably from upregulation of either mycobacterium, haemophilus, or bacillus.

It is usually happening among the young so perhaps more with certain types of bacterial load that occurs more with young people see bacteroidetes

Treatment with antibiotics [2] [3]

Major cause of chronic fatigue and insomnia [4]

Symptoms and causes including iron overload [5]

Infectious causes

Non-infectious causes



EKG, d-dimer, troponin, cardiac mri [20]

Natural treatment

  1. Lilly of the valley [21]
  2. melatonin [22]
  3. Take potassium bicarbonate few g internally then put vinegar compress over the heart. This will help give it energy.

Treat for strongyloides and H pylori and possibly mycobacterium

Essential oil blend - myocare

Apply on the left side and center of your chest (where the heart is). Some taken from chronic fatigue treatment and tree of life


Ideally from tree of life

Total of 50 drops

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