Mushroom Log

Logs 3-4' long, 3-10" diameter [1]

Adding nitrogen soak in cold water supplemented with grass clippings or weed clippings [2]

Glutamicibacter can improve yield [3]. Genome analysis [4] urease and if it produces glutamic acid might be the reason it helps.

Nitrogen and sugar (like grass clippings) supercharge oyster mushroom growth [5]. So you can make a tea of grass clippings and any other additives (ash might be a good one and might reduce the need for boiling, instead 60c might be enough [6] add ash until ph is 8 [7]) and boil to decontaminate. Grass contains lots of sugar [8] charcoal helps probably from raising ph [9]

In addition to NPK, magnesium, sulfur (epsom salt has both) and calcium needed [10]

Hydrogen peroxide? Probably some can be added at the end of the grash (grass and ash) tea after the grass has been removed [11]

Alkaline hydrogen peroxide improves decomposition of mushroom media [12]

Cellulose causes faster mushroom fruiting compared to sawdust containing lignin and cellulose [13] so this means removing some lignin from the wood via alkaline peroxide may improve speed of fruiting in mushroom logs.

Chaga Reishi Shitaki Maitaki Tremella Lions mane

Oyster - nutrition Turkey tail - immunity Lions mane - brain health

Shitaki - nutrition Reishi - adaptogen Maitaki - highest d, only grows on oak and slow

4-6" 3-4'

Maple: Shitake Reishi Lions mane Oyster

Cottonwood and tulip and willow: Oyster

Hemlock: Chicken of the woods Reishi

Chaga birch trees

Combination reduces yeild but increases chance of fruitimg

Mushroom man plugs

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