Multiple Sclerosis

Improved with thiamine [1]

Symptoms [2] pain in spine bending head forward [3] can feel electric or buzzi g or sharp burning sensation [4] signifies spinal cord inflammation. Treating for clostridium with essential oils seems to help.

Cresol from gut bacteria [5] clostridium ruminococcus and other clostridiae [6] linked to c perferingins [7].

Probably treated with adaptogens.

Multiple sclerosis vs fibromyalgia [8].

Cause of insomnia [9].

Hemochromatosis can worsen it [10].

Link to ADHD [11].

Linked to colds so probably haemophilus. Echinacea ginko biloba calcium b6 can help [12].

TMJ strongly linked to MS [13].

Similar to Lupus [14]

Gut bacteria and chronic disease [15].

IL-17 related [16] and also related to COX2 [17] [18] and PGE2 [19].

Natural treatments [20].

Acetylcholine implicated [21]. PErsonal aside: had a anti-cholinergic missing 411 like dream where I was in a circular area with a bad place in the middle and was hard to find the way out. Woke up drooling. This was after treating for MS with essential oils at bed.


Sound sensitivity [22]. Personal aside: severe almost painful fatigue, yet not the kind from brucella which is weak wrists, was seen as well as sound sensitivity.

Seems to be able to turn an extravert to an introvert.

Linked to chronic fatigue [23]


Chlamydia likely involved [24] [25] [26] and also link to Epstein-Barr and Herpes [27].

Listeria could be a cause from increasing CD8 T cells [28] and CD8 T cells linked to MS [29].

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