Migraine Treatment

See also strongyloides and chronic fatigue treatment

Migraine started from treading my scalp around the ears with parasite blend essential oils. Caused parasites to move into the ear canals, around the back of the heads, and seemingly into the brain. The migrane is on and off over time in a single spot and is likely where strongyloides moved into the brain.

Took a large amount of saponins (gynostemma and tribulus terrestris). Did not help migraine, probably made it worse. Caused thick mucus (including mouth and nasal), scratchy eyes, probably from bacillus or mycobacterium. Initially caused heart pain but that could have been the killing off of gram positive bacteria in the heart... or enhancement of mycobacterium or h pylori. Anal pain wiping which could be fungi or e coli.

Took 2 garlic capsules and awaiting results. Also may need to take broccoli seed powder for h pylori. Been taking garlic now for 2 days, 2 capsules about 3 times a day. Migraine seems to be improving somewhat. tooth root abscess is starting to get painful, so perhaps it is causing overgrowth of serratia. Took garlic for about 3 days total. Scratchy eyes and thick mucus subsided. Migraine also went away. Stopped garlic for a day and migraine returned. So I think garlic is an ok treatment for migraine but would probably take a 30 day course to cure it.

Next trying broccoli seed powder, sulforophane. Cankers flared. Possibly from campylobacter exacerbating herpes. Fatigue. Migraine seems to have subsided within a day or so. Can still feel it after 3 days but not very strongly. Feel slight liver pain so sulforophane must be a little hard on the liver. Severe fatigue especially after exercising.

Now going to try to attack strongyloides with parasite blend herbal powder. Never got the chance, here it is about a day later and the migraine is gone! I suppose the broccoli seed worked.

Stopped broccoli seed and it came back. Now started eo's of citronella and lemongrass for the last couple days. Seems to be working a bit. Now adding cinnamon and thyme to the regimen.

Smelling vaporized citronella seems to have helped.

Tobacco may have helped

Current regimen (seems to have worked) is powder mix which consists of vanilla powder from coffee bean and tea leaf tiny bit of tobacco, less than 0.05g per treatment, garlic, ellagic acid, broccoli seed powder, ginger, potassium citrate, gynostemma, tribulus terrestris and essential oils (2 drops each) thyme, citronella, lemongrass, cinnamon.

Taking folic acid now and seems to be much better. The other stuff probably worked but was too much to take. Tobacco helps a bit as does THC cannabis. CBD cannabis makes it worse. Probably all has to do with homocysteine and COX2 and PGE2

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