MMO Design

All zones in game on launch ~20

No classes

no cities or towns or npc's including bosses; player build-able buildings and factions etc.

There are npc monsters and you have to take territory from them and stop them from spawning.

Players can even choose an evil faction and become a boss in the game.

1 official public server, pay for a private server





You have temp xp bar that can be lost on death. The more you fill your temp bar the more experience you gain from beating monsters.

You have temp materials bag that can be lost on death. The more you fill your bag the more drops you get and the slower you move.


Those of evil factions can spawn as a boss once in a while


Most influential game developers of all time #1 john carmack for quake engine open source [1] probably used for unreal. Number 4 was david brevik for diablo [2]

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