Lymphatic Filariasis

See also Wuchereria onchocerca dirofilaria

Often accompanied by strongyloides

Common sites

  1. Jawline
  2. eyes orbit
  3. Scalp between ears and temples
  4. Nose and ears, inside and outside
  5. back of the neck
  6. near the collar bone
  7. the sides where the legs meet the hips
  8. front and back of the knees
  9. Forearms, wrists, and backs of the hands and fingers (this is why when you get poison ivy here it often triggers the Th2 immunity to fight the parasites)
  10. inner elbows and below the shoulder on the side where vaccine injections are given (vaccines are often made in dirty facilities where mosquitoes and flies are present)
  11. Testis and scrotum and base of the penis in males and possibly ovaries in females causing hydrocele and elevated LH or possibly for females PCOS
  12. Anus and Perineum
  13. ankles, shins, and inner sides and soles of the feet

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