Increases stroke and heart attack and high blood pressure when elevated [1]


Strongyloides enters perianal skin and travels to testis

Next it causes hydrocele

Hydrocele causes elevation in LH

LH causes gynecomastia

LH also causes testosterone elevation [2]

Testosterone elevation causes hair loss [3]

LH causes aromatization of testosterone to estrogen [4]

LH causes microstrokes which cause chronic especially early waking insomnia probably also sleep apnea.

High LH and Testosterone is called androgen resistance [5]

Babies infants newborns often have hydrocele [6] and also gynecomastia [7] almost certainly there is a link.


Menopause causes increase in LH and also hair loss [8]

Elevation related to PCOS


Causes reduction in LH [9]

reduces DHT produiction via 5-alpha reductase [10]

Leydig cell tumor

Most leydig cell tumors are benign and dont spread.

Common biochemical markers [11]

Treatment research

bladderwrack is said help balance hormones, need to look into it.

See also FUDE

B6 may make it worse by reducing prolactin thus stimulating testosterone [12]

Dandelion may make it worse by boosting androgen production [13] apigenin is also steroidogenic [14]

Astragalus also boosts leydig cell function but also increases glutathione jn them so not sure if its bad [15] as does also tribulis

Various potential anti androgen herbs but some like licorice are estrogenic which I dont want [16] Black cohosh deserves more research and green tea should be helpful. Saw palmetto also worth a look. Even chaste tree which lowers dopamine, prolactin (actually slightly lowers it at low doses), and testosterone

Good herbal review [17]

Great list of herbs that lower testosterone including flaxseed and marjoram and omega 3 [18]

Oats beta glucan might lower testosterone [19] [20] as well as the lignan in flax [21] Beta glucan might help the body fight tumors [22]. In fact all fiber can help reduce sex hormones [23]

Walnuts and almonds [24]

Tart cherry help with aromatase inhibitors [25]

Turmeric seems good [26]

Yarrow normalizes everything including testosterone estrogen LH FSH [27]

Grape seed extract lowered estrogen and testosterone [28]

Treatment protocol


Causes too high testosterone causing iron overload [29] and blood clots and stroke [30] which are countered with yarrow

Many chemical types including 5 alpha reductase inhibitors, estrogens (probably from the mother cause temporary leydig cell tumor in newborns causing gyno then it reverts) can cause leydig cell tumors and they all come back to effect LH [31]

Some methods this disease is induced, elevated dopamine is one, low prolactin is another, variable testosterone is another [32]

Leydig cells can be less differentiated and thus produce only estrogen in the testis or fully differentiated and produce testosterone [33]. Taking saponins like tribulus seems to have converted mine from undifferentiated to partially differentiated producing T and E which also lines up with [34].

Leydig tumors are usually very small and ultrasound can find them [35] and are more common than believed. Cushing syndrome is a potential problem and gynecomastia is most common symptom.

Leydig cells can be ectopic and in the septa [36]

Leydig cells profoundly affected by macrophages [37] perhaps dysregulated by strongyloides. Yes in fact activated macrophages are required to fight strongy [38]

The androgen excess causes insomnia restlessness etc [39] dont take mitotane though it is DDT.

More insomnia [40]

Tumor markers including HCG which is also elevated by cannabis [41]

Over produces LH and testosterone [42] linked to hydrocele and likely strongyloides

Stromal tumors like leydig cell jave low incidence in adults 5% of tumors, but in children they are 20% [43]

Leydig cell tumors have normal LH and FSH with elevated estrogen and testosterone whereas germ cell tumors may have high testosterone and estrogen but almost complete supression of LH and FSH [44]. HCG is common in germ cell tumors but in these LH and FSH are low but testosterone and estrogen are high.

Since we know macrophages are associated closely with leydig cells [45] I looked to see if macrophages are activated in strongyloides and they are [46] [47] [48]. Thus my hypothesized link between the two leydig cell tumor and strongyloides is confirmed and I know there is a link in me because there is a crawling sensation near where my tiny bump has been, also treating the scrotum with TreeOfLife#body has caused crawling sensations out of the scrotum towards the legs or anus.

Testicular pain of one side and strongyloides [49]

Strongy larvae invade heart lungs GI tract testis skeletal muscle [50] with bacteria in heart kidneys lungs

Elevated testosterone causes worsening sleep apnea OSA and insomnia [51] [52] after 3h of sleep testosterone increases and stays elevated in sleep, the longer you are awake for in an awakening the lower testosterone goes. So getting < 3 hours of sleep then waking up and having trouble going back to sleep may signify excess testosterone.

Gynecomastia from leydig cell tumor [53]

Seen associated with klinefelter syndrome [54] could it be a cause?

Can arise from LH receptor abnormalities, and case study showing a common case of undecended testicle as child, a lump on testicle, gynecomastia, and even after tumor removed gyno didn't go away [55]

More common in dogs than any other animal and leydig most common tumor in testis of dog, rat, mouse [56] my guess is due to high levels of strongyloides in dogs and proximity of anus to testicles. Symptoms in dogs [57] can be telling for humans too.

Other factors

Nicotine reduces LH in the blood, effects sperm, reduces antioxidant enzymes countered by yarrow [58]


Jeffery Dalmer probably had multiple abdominal tumors secreting various hormones since he had surgery at 4 for hiatal hernia and thought his balls were missing [59] They may have been or something since they probably were undecended or not fully decended where they go into the abdomen then back to the scrotum, either case leads to much higher chances of a tumor.

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