Ivermectin is a bacterial toxin from streptomyces that is used against parasitic worms in animals and humans. It does not typically cause acute toxicity since in mammals it doesn't cross the blood brain barrier in high amounts. Its value against coronavirus as a vaccine alternative, in my opinion, is due to it's antibacterial effects.


The ivermectin molecule seems a lot like a persistent plastic and it bioaccumulates and is not effectively eliminated by the body, leading to chronic slight toxicity.


Can treat staphylococcus s aureus even methicillin resistant [1]. As we know s aureus is one of the bacteria Fauci found killed patients who were exposed to the spanish influenza and is probably upregulated by mask mandates.

It also kills mycobacterium [2] which is a bacteria that is involved with coronavirus disease as the spike protein seems to upregulate the bacteria.

It improves survival to LPS [3] which plays a large part of the cytokine storm [4] seen in coronavirus and influenza deaths.


Parasitic worms like strongyloides are very hard to treat and can be controlled with ivermectin.

Side effects

Severe neurological problems probably from crossing blood-brain barrier [5].

Natural Alternatives

Essential oils like thyme, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and calendula against staphylococcus and mycobacterium and activated charcoal to treat or prevent the cytokine storm.

Garlic powder and adaptogens can treat mycobacterium and gram positive (staph) respectively.


Effective against cancer but natural alternatives that fight h pylori also are effective against cancer [6].


Research on blocking replication of coronavirus [7].

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