Iron Overload

See also Iron, Hemochromatosis, Anemia, and Hepcidin.


Altered melatonin synthesis [1]

Iron overload can activate macrophages [2] causing enhancment of COX2 and thus PGE2 and/or PGD2. Thus likely chronic fatigue.


Hair loss

Fissured tongue and thiamine [3] deficiency.

Lowered thiamine, riboflavin, pyroxidine, selenium, zinc, and others [4].

Diabetes and and high triglycerides and low hdl and high BMI linked to high ferritin. Waist circumference and blood pressure not related [5].

Daytime sleepiness linked to low hepcidin [6].

Infreased dopamine and 5-ht serotonin and agression in flies [7]

Pyroxidine B6 deficiency [8].


Treatments can include natural chelator, hepcidin increasers, or herbs that treat the infectious causes (or other natural treatments that boost immunity to said pathogens). Also retinoids vitamin A can improve iron handling and make more hemoglobin with iron also reduces ferritin [9]. Heptadecanoic acid 17:0 reduced ferritin in dolphins [10]. Heptadecanoic acid is only significantly found in dairy [11] and certain fishes like pinfish and mullet. Zinc reduces iron overload as well as reducing copper [12].

Folic acid reduces iron overload [13].

Certain things that thin the blood blood thinners like melatonin [14], vitamin e, and zinc reduce iron in the body. Some say that like NSAIDS they increase GI bleeding which causes blood loss but I think it just makes it easier for the kidneys to filter iron from the blood into the urine.

Possibly rubia cordifolia herb [15]

Natural Chelators

Ferritin lowering

Hepcidin elevators

Low hepcidin causes iron accumulation in the body. [31] Hepcidin is decreased in hemochromatosis [32].

Things that increase hepcidin:

Infectious causes

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