When judging whether a crime or conspiracy or other event happened at all, it is useful to ask whether there are 1. Suspect(s) who 2. could have Plausibly done it and 3. had an Opportunity to do it and 4. a logical Motive to do it and finally is there 5. Evidence that can be substantiated?

Did it happen? Ask: SPOME?

  1. In the case of human or animal involvement, are there potential Suspects?
  2. Is the thing that was supposedly done or happened Plausible, or based on prior happenings or possibilities?
  3. Was there an Opportunity in the situation for it to have been done or happened?
  4. In the case of human involvement, was there a potential Motive to do it? Was the motive sufficient to account for the work/dedication/monetary cost to carry it out? Basically was doing the thing logical? Was doing the thing worth the opportunity cost?
  5. What Evidence or clues exist that could provide confirmation that the thing happened?

In typical criminal investigations [1] they have evidence of the crime already and they look at means, motives, and opportunities in indicating potential suspects. But we here are trying to judge if something could have happened at all without hard evidence that it took place. We can assume if someone wanted to do something they would aquire the means, "by whatever means necessary". So we can look at "Plausibility" instead of "Means". Also typically in a criminal investigation "evidence" that the crime happened is obvious, like a dead body. But in our case, we have to look for clues and uncover evidence of whether or not the thing happened at all.

For example a SPOME analysis can help you answer things like: "Was Milton's Paradise lost shadow edited by someone without him knowing, since he was blind?"

This method can also be used to determine plausibility of Conspiracy theory or even historical records of unknown historicity or chain of custody like stories from the bible. Even questions like "was the book of mormon inspired or made up?" or "Did Moses etch the 10 commandments in stone himself or was it God that did it?" or "Was Jesus really the Messiah or just a prophet and product of a time and culture that was looking for a savior?" these questions of great societal imporance can benefit from a SPOME analysis.

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