An engineered collapse conspiracy would rely on compromising monopolies in the internet space

  1. Internet backbone might be a target and could be blamed on the Russia Ukraine conflict just like the nord stream pipeline bombing. The US is already warning of such an attack and looks ripe for a False Flag.
  2. Starlink satellites could also be attacked and blamed on war perhaps WW3
  3. Wordpress is used in 2/5ths of all websites [1] and requires very new versions of PHP which regularly break their users websites during upgrades. Wordpress is extremely vulnerable to hacks combined with PHP deprecating their versions security updates after just a couple years and never releasing long term support versions, mean a perfect storm for web collapse.
  4. PHP is used in 3/4ths of all websites [2]. PHP also only supports their versions for a couple of years. Version 8.0 introduced massive breaking changes and web hosts and popular software packages like Wordpress mandate that you only use the newest versions of PHP. So if you are not a bleeding edge PHP developer (and have the time to keep re-codimg your site to keep it on the PHP bleeding edge) or can hire one, the chances keep getting greater and greater your website is about to break irreparably.
  5. TLS is gaining a very strong monopoly and the US government once tried to criminalize encryption now says you cannot not use it in government websites [3]. Also browsers give users a blatant annoying warning if not using it and could conspire to block http websites in the near future as they are already conspiring to try to force webmasters to switch to https.
    1. Lets encrypt has a near total monopoly on giving these certificates. It is very hard to get a certificate without them. In the future they could require certain versions of PHP in order to verify your site. They have signaled they will mass-revoke certificates if they feel like it, bugs have been found, have introduced breaking changes to their protocol, could be funded by Mozilla, Microsoft, Google, Apple; are relied upon for https everywhere conspiracy, and more! [4] They will certainly play a big role in the internet takedown/collapse.
  6. Email has been a hook in order to rope people into google accounts and things like that. Already google is blocking access to your accounts if you don't set up 2FA. Many websites are created on platforms like this and cannot be updated or repossessed ever in this case.
  7. Social media has been a hook to rope people into creating content not indexed by search engines and regularly lock out users who refuse to cough up government ID and perhaps those who refuse 2FA.
  8. Search engine like google and bing regularly censor websites they don't like.
  9. ISP especially Spectrum and Cox snoop for torrenting, probably working in conjunction with non profit group spy hackers funded by record labels and movie studios. They also always block port 80 if it gets traffic (so the vision of the internet where everyone hosts their own websites is dead) and will block high port numbers (regularly used for crypto mining) if there was even one warning for torrent sent out, and with net neutrality dead more censorship is to come! ISP will certainly play one of the leading roles in the internet collapse/takedown.

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