Insomnia can be caused by several issues.

Excellent instruction on causes and considerations [1]

See also type 0 diabetes

HPA axis [2] [3]

May be linked to low retinoids [4] [5].

Insomnia patients testing positive for infections [6]

Calcium magnesium vitamin d and zinc very important to cure insomnia [7]

Linked to other health conditions especially diabetes [8].

Parasitic worms a possible cause [9]. Strongyloides under the scalp around the temple and above theears might be one cause. Treated with equal parts orange and peppermint essential oil blend rubbed on the area. This may cause them to migrate to a nerve though and cause migraine.

Adrenal fatigue, zinc, high blood sugar [10]

Possibly low phosphorus [11]

Delayed sleep onset

Low Iron anemia may play a role.

Early Waking

For the early waking form it is caused by sleep apnea which is caused by swollen adenoids and chronic Listeria infection, likely also pituitary abscess caused by Listeria.

Cortisol reduces cellular immunity [12], and cellular immunity fights Listeria. [13]

Hepcidin might play a role.

Thalamus involved see also prions and fatal familial insomnia [14] [15] Thalamus involvement is almost certainly the cause of early waking insomnia.

Mycobacterium like latent tuberculosis seems able to cause insomnia [16] [17] and does this via thalamus infarct.

Immunizing against mycobacterium improves sleep after stress [18].

Can be a symptom of heart failure [19]

Total insomnia

Anti NMDA antibodies [20]

Viral causes

Hepatitis C [21]

Herpesvirus 6 [22]

Bacterial causes

Staphylococcus, e coli, and pasteurella [23]


Serine protease inhibitors control clotting therefore a deficiency can cause the brain infarct due to blood clots in the brain.


Polymorphisms linked to insomnia, especially the short version, long version produces OCD [24]

Basically it seems underactive sert causes insomnia. This means too much serotonin. Smartweed polygonic acid enhances sert. Pasteurella also may cause issues with underactive sert.


Various types of infarcts [25]

Relation to insomnia [26]

Involved in fatal familial insomnia [27]


For treatment also see iron overload treatment or mycobacterium.

Cobalamin folic acid and vitamin d and other things including zinc [28]. Sleep minerals contains 2 oil based softgels of 400iu vitamin d, 667 mg calcium, 333 mg magnesium, 7mg zinc [29].

Sleep elements

2000 IU vit d

667 mg calcium

333 mg magnesium

25 mg zinc

2 mg methyl B12

1mg folic acid

50mg B6




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