Insomnia can be caused by several issues.

See also type 0 diabetes

HPA axis [1] [2]

May be linked to low retinoids [3] [4].

Insomnia patients testing positive for infections [5]

Calcium magnesium vitamin d and zinc very important to cure insomnia [6]

Linked to other health conditions especially diabetes [7].

Delayed sleep onset

Low Iron anemia may play a role.

Early Waking

For the early waking form it is caused by sleep apnea which is caused by swollen adenoids and chronic Listeria infection, likely also pituitary abscess caused by Listeria.

Cortisol reduces cellular immunity [8], and cellular immunity fights Listeria. [9]

Hepcidin might play a role.

Thalamus involved see also prions and fatal familial insomnia [10] [11] Thalamus involvement is almost certainly the cause of early waking insomnia.

Mycobacterium like latent tuberculosis seems able to cause insomnia [12] [13] and does this via thalamus infarct.

Immunizing against mycobacterium improves sleep after stress [14].


For treatment also see iron overload treatment or mycobacterium.

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