Human Hybrid

Humans have unique issues in the animal kingdom [1] which might mean we were created as hybrids of Homo Capensis and Bonobo apes. Neanderthals could have been hybrids of Homo Capensis and Chimpanzees. Bigfoot might be hybrids of homo capnsis and gorrillas and/or orangatans. Wildmen might be homo erectus and hybrids of homo capensis or humans and bigfoot.

Sleep breathing

Possibly related to us bieng able to talk [2].

Adenovirus isolated from adenoids [3] therefore adenoviral vectors might cause adenoid swelling and sleep apnea

Streptococcus Haemophilus Moraxella common in swollen adenoids [4].


Acetylcholine Dysfunction

Leads to people going Missing 411.


Large brain

[5] possibly from oxidative stress and weakness making up for it with intelligence.

Weak muscles and Jaw


Wisdom teeth

Hair and beard and nails

Unlimited growth. Nails much thinner than apes.

Weak feet

Twisted fingers

Big pineal?

Kidney issues

Mental health

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Retinol conversion


Cellular sugars



Africans have surprising amount of neanderthal DNA but east asians have the most [8].

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