Human Farm

Homo capensis are farming humans and human society for the following resources:

  1. Blood plasma. People who sell their blood plasma it becomes a commercial product and it goes for sale on the open market. Blood plasma is the protein source for homo capensis.
  2. Glucose. High fructose corn syrup is made by removing the glucose, where does the glucose all go? Homo capensis have large brains with a high glucose requirement.
  3. Co2 [1]. Capensis use liquid co2 to cool their flying disks.
  4. Plutonium. All US plutonium is buried a mile deep in denver that can be accesses by capensis who live underground. Plutonium powers their flying craft by creating a strong electric charge on the ships hull as antigravity.
  5. Gold. Most of the worlds gold is unnacounted for and missing. Gold is the #1 metal for gaining electricity "triboelectric"

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