Human Experimentation

The main reason for concentration camps is medical experimentation. The main reason for gassing the jews and burning the bodies in an oven was probably to dispose of the dissected corpses.

Nowadays MRI, biopsies, blood and stool tests can be used instead of autopsies to gain medically relavent data so mass executions will not be needed. The sadists also believe that they can get away with this form of slavery indefinitely because of these less invasive endpoints.

The way they will get test specimens is from draconian covid regulations. Contact tracing and testing primarily. When someone tests positive and they don't have enough separate bedrooms in their home to allow for a separate room for each covid positive person [1], they will be carted off and indefinitly detained in a covid concentration (quarantine) camp. This is why the economy is bieng demolished and jobs killed so that more and more people live together creating an excuse to take people to the camps. They will be using census data probably combined with contact tracing data, cell carrier data, USPS data, housing records data, maybe even electronic device (including cell phones, computers, alexa) and IP data.

In australia and america using the excuse of coronavirus, sadists are planning on making human rat cages of 50 people each which will be used for human instead of animal experimentation. Everything from bioweapons to toxins and experimental gene therapy injections will be used on these unwitting test subjects. This is for the goal of the engineering of a new more docile human race. This is why they cannot tolerate anyone refusing the gene therapy shots, all must be genetically modified or else they think the permanent engineering of the human race will fail.

Notice that in the news lately they are condemning natural health advocates for suggesting people "experiment" with natural remedies and prevention. In fact experimenting with "generally recognized as safe" nutrients and foods for improving your health is a great idea and how humans solve problems. But in reality it is these same people accusing that are the ones who want to truly lock up and experiment on humans using dangerous even deadly toxins for the purpose of eugenics. If you are accusing someone of something or are triggered by something, chances are good that you are in fact the one guilty of what you see in others.


Nazi style human experimentation and concentration camps starting in Australia [2].

Experimenting with covid vaccines on children [3].

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